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El Capitan ([personal profile] captain_havoc) wrote2016-04-03 07:17 pm

Well I bought a car.

I bought a car this weekend. I didn't feel like I had much choice with the transportation situation being what it is (2.5 hours just to get home from work!), and being as limited as I am out here with the bus (bus only comes every 30 minutes, only runs until 6:30 PM on Sundays), etc. So... I rolled my truck loan into a new loan and... now I have a car!

It is a red 2010 Kia Rio. As cars go, it's nothing super fancy (it doesn't even have electronic locks on the doors), but it does have Bluetooth, which lets me call people through the car, which I'm pretty impressed by.


We turned in our keys to the old house today so I'm officially, really and truly moved.


Classes start tomorrow. I don't feel ready at ALL. My entire break was moving and car buying. And I know that's just grown up life but damnit I needed a day off.


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I'm glad it's sorted.

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congrats on the new car!