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El Capitan ([personal profile] captain_havoc) wrote2007-06-14 04:14 pm

Welcome to my journal!

Avast! Welcome to my new journal!


All entries in this journal (other than this one) will be set to friends only, so let me know if you want to be friends!

Also, I sort my posts that are about topics that I know not everyone is interested let me know if you're reading something you don't want to be reading. Cool?

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Hi -- I was surfing [ profile] ftm and noticed you are having surgery with Mangubat soon. I had surgery with him 2.5 years ago and would be happy to talk to you about him if you like (I had a good experience.) I also noticed that we have a friend in common ([ profile] hawkdancer), that you are apparently interested in UU (I'm very active in UU), and are either from or have spent significant time in Washington (my home, wherever I may roam.)

On these grounds I have decided to friend you and invite you to friend me back, although I am sadly not as active on here as I used to be. I try, though.


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Consider yourself friended back.

I am indeed from Washington originally, and went to WWU for undergrad... I used to be involved with their UU student group.

As far as surgery goes, I'm trying not to think about it...One week from tomorrow - I guess maybe I should start haha.